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Vulcanian Series 5 Piece Drumset w/Cymbals, Hardware and Throne




Mahogany Shells
8-Lug, 9-Ply Snare Drum
12-Lug, 6-Ply Toms
16-Lug, 9-Ply Bass Drum
45 Degree Bearing Edges
Low-Mass / Low Profile Lugs

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the new DP-105 is to offer the best possible drum set at an affordable price. Most starter drum sets are designed with price in mind and little attention to sound quality. Peace, a drum manufacturer renowned for value and sound quality, takes care to hit a price point without sacrificing features. Potent features that are key to a powerful sound engine — mahogany shells, an 8-lug, 9-ply snare drum; 12-lug, 6-ply toms; a 16-lug, 9-ply bass drum; 45 degree bearing edges; low-mass / low-profile lugs — are not found lacking. And the DP-105 is a complete, five-piece outfit including double-braced stands, (painted steel) cymbals, throne, and sticks!

Included Hardware:

CS-972 Cymbal Stand
HS-420 Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
SS-510N Snare Drum Stand
P-410 Bass Drum Pedal
DRT-109 Drum Throne
14″ Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair (Painted Steel)
16″ Crash Cymbal (Painted Steel)
Drum Stick Pair

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Colors Available

Black, Wine Red, White, Blue, Chrome Mirror, Florida Sparkle – Special

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